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Hey, great asset pack. Made a game with it

Check out Rogue Trigger:

Great asset pack. I had fun playing with it.
I made a small game using your assets

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nope! but appreciated, thanks (:


Used in my game for a recent game jam! Great Asset!

nice game! glad to see you creation with our assets <3 much love

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Que da hora man! Manda sim, a gente adora ver os trabalhos que foram feitos usando ou se inspirando com os nossos assets!


used in my game
incredible asset! thanks!

Excelent job!


High quality graphics created by amazing people. More one excellent pack guys.


I loved this pack! You guys did an awesome work.

Thank you so much!


Very nice pack, thank you so much for bringing a lot of high quality assets for free.


This is amazing! Will use while learn a new engine! Perfect! <3


Woow this pack is amazing!


Another great pack. Such amazing quality!!!

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Can I use it for commercial purposes pls?

This pack is under CCZERO license (:

Please make some awesome stuff


Impressive work!

Thank you!
Glad you liked it


Muito top! xD

Valeeu! <3