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Hi! I just wanted to reach out here real quick because I'd like to play some of these games on a Halloween live stream, and just wanted to check that that was alright before i slotted it into my schedule. Thanks!

Where can I get at the included ROM for Wishing Sarah? The game seems to be Javascript-based, and I’m not seeing a file that looks like a Gameboy ROM.

hey! quais desses jogos foram feitos no godot?


My god! Você são bons no que fazem!... Só faltou ter essa versão para linux

E para MacOS também!


vaca roxa is such a cool name I wonder what it means (Purple cow)

Any chance these games are getting a Mac OS release? I'm an idiot and bought the pack without realizing it was for Windows only at the moment. Thanks!

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Hey jdoz! Unfortunately there is no plan to have build for the games for Mac Os :\

I'd recommend you to contact itch support at and ask for a refund since there's no option in the dev dashboard for us to refund users as stated here:

Ah okay. That's sad but thanks for the response!