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Had a lot of fun with all the games added in this collection! 

Where is the Wishing Sarah gameboy rom image? is it included with the Bundle for Ukraine?

Hello! I was playing the worshiping cat game, and my sister and I noticed that it highly favors player one. Is this intentional?


With the newly released Analogue Pocket, and the newest update for GB Studios, are you planning to publish the .pocket version of this game? I’d love to be able to play this on my Pocket, so I hope so!

Can someone tell me what program I am supposed to use to run the .rar files?


.RAR files are a type of compressed folder, like .ZIP. The most popular program to extract all compressed folders is 7-Zip:

I bought the pack from the last bundle but have been unable to open any of the games or files, and they're causing issues but it won't let me delete them because they claim to be running but nothing opens when it says that.

Hi! I downloaded 2 of the 9 games in the spooky station bundle, but I am no longer allowed to download any more. There is a message that "key is already owned." Any ideas on how to remedy this?

Hi, I'm facing the same issue.Downloaded Killing Moon but unable to download anything else :(. Any fix for this?

Hi! I bought this alongside the Indie bundle. How can I dowload the game?


Go to the unique URL which sent you by email after purchasing the bundle. Look up the game in the list and click the red 'download' button. This will take you to a page where you can download the games.

Hi! I just wanted to reach out here real quick because I'd like to play some of these games on a Halloween live stream, and just wanted to check that that was alright before i slotted it into my schedule. Thanks!


Where can I get at the included ROM for Wishing Sarah? The game seems to be Javascript-based, and I’m not seeing a file that looks like a Gameboy ROM.

hey! quais desses jogos foram feitos no godot?


My god! Você são bons no que fazem!... Só faltou ter essa versão para linux

E para MacOS também!


vaca roxa is such a cool name I wonder what it means (Purple cow)

Any chance these games are getting a Mac OS release? I'm an idiot and bought the pack without realizing it was for Windows only at the moment. Thanks!

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Hey jdoz! Unfortunately there is no plan to have build for the games for Mac Os :\

I'd recommend you to contact itch support at and ask for a refund since there's no option in the dev dashboard for us to refund users as stated here:

Ah okay. That's sad but thanks for the response!