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codename lt

A pixelart game where you have to run without getting caught by evil agents. This is the product of development with an awesome team of people from the VACAROXA. Find them on twitter looking the Hashtag or follow @estudiovacaroxa.

Firstly the people involved in the whole project:

@bakudas | @pcbmani | @_Gabrielfer | @MauricioMunky | @DidiGameBoy | @derekpxart | @eri0o | @rafaelgiordanno


Use WASD or Arrow keys to move. Use K or SPACE as accept button.

F11 or ALT+ENTER gives fullscreen, - and + rescale the game window.

Xbox360 USB controls are also supported. Other controls were not tested.

Running a .love file

The .love file can be ran by installing love as provided by www.love2d.org or by installing the love package from your OS distribution. You can look into all love2d versions in : https://bitbucket.org/rude/love/downloads/

In Linux distributions where snap is available, like Ubuntu, you can install with:

    snap install codenamelt

CodenameLT has Issue Tracker and Source on Github


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CodenameLT.win.zip 13 MB
CodenameLT.osx.zip 21 MB
CodenameLT.love 10 MB


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Very nice game. As someone else who uses LOVE2D, nice job on that shader! (and everything else) Also, it's very easy to make a Mac executable: https://love2d.org/wiki/Game_Distribution#Creating_a_Mac_OS_X_Application. (on second thought, it looks like you are using some sort of tool to easily build it, so I don't know) If you are on Windows, you can use a xml editor for the plist files. Also, you can use Resource Hacker to put in a custom icon. Also, you don't need the ico files in the build directory. Overall, very nice job on this game! Graphics are awesome and I felt immediately immersed into the gameplay


Hello themousery! I made an OSX build for you to try. The game is very in development! I added a link to the Github repo with source, you can suggest technical ideas on the issue tracker there!