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A cursed dungeon, a clumsy adventurer and an ambitious Oracle.

Maurim is trapped in the dungeon of endless jewels. The will to enrich took our protagonist to one of the deadliest adventures ever and to survive he need to recover all the treasure he was stolen by the monsters of this haunting place.

The Oracle trapped Maurim and will only release if he get back what was stolen from him.

Overcome challenges, escape from terrible monsters and ensure that no golden nuggets are left behind!

Don't forget: sometimes the more you have the worst it is.

Controls/ Arrows

@didigameboy - game design, art and program
@bakudas - art, aesthetic and game design
@leticinios - game design and stuff
@trackless29 - program and sorcery stuff
@mauriciomunky - soundtrack


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Maurim_LD40_v1.0_win 22 MB
Maurim_LD40_v1.0_macos 27 MB


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wishing your game a great success. any plans to ever release the assets [art / audio] to other developers to download and use in other games or are the assets only for the game you've created?

Made a video 

had fun here is my playthrough 

Oh nice gameplay! We are srly thinking to turn it a game, at least, make a proper version of it (more mechanism less bugs etc). 

Thanks for playing!

my pleasure 

Wow, this looks gorgeous

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!!